BAD: An ambulance arrived and the man was carried to hospital.
GOOD: An ambulance arrived and the man was taken to hospital.
BAD: He said he would carry me home and told me to get in the car.
GOOD: He said he would take me home and told me to get in the car.
Bring means ‘come with sb/sth’ (NOT ‘go’): ‘Could you bring me a glass of water, please?’ ‘I’ll see you tomorrow at the club, and remember to bring your tennis racket!’
Take means ‘go with sb/sth’ (NOT ‘come’): ‘You take the shopping indoors and I’ll put the car away.’ ‘When I go on holiday, I like to take a good book with me.’
You usually take someone home, to school or to a cinema/restaurant/airport etc (NOT bring/lead/send/carry ): ‘Lucy took us to Stratford to see a play.’ ‘If you need a lift to the station, as Peter to take you.’
Lead If you lead someone to a place, you guide them there by walking in front of them, holding them by the arm, etc: ‘Some blind people like to be led across the road.’ ‘The children led me through the wood to their secret hiding place.’
Send If you send a person somewhere, you tell them to go there. You do not go with them: ‘My company sends one of us to Singapore every six months.’
Fetch If you fetch something, you go the place where it is and come back with it: ‘We waited at reception while the porter fetched our luggage.’
Carry If you go somewhere with something in your hands, in your arms, on your back etc, you carry it: ‘She carried her chair into the garden and sat in the sun.’ ‘In some countries women carry their babies on their backs.’
Collect/fetch If you collect or fetch someone (from somewhere), you go there and bring them back with you: ‘I have to collect the children from school at 4 o’clock.’
Pick up If you pick up someone (at a place), you go to the place where they are waiting, usually in a car or other vehicle, and then take them somewhere: ‘I’ll pick you up at your house just after seven. That gives us half an hour go get to the stadium.’

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