alert·ness BrE [əˈlɜːtnəs]
; NAmE [əˈlɜːrtnəs]
noun uncountable
Main entry: alertderived

WordNet Dictionary:
1. the process of paying close and continuous attention
- wakefulness, watchfulness, and bellicosity make a good hunter
- vigilance is especially susceptible to fatigue
Syn: watchfulness, wakefulness, vigilance
2. a state of readiness to respond
- alerting was indicated by the desynchronization of the EEG
Syn: alerting
3. lively attentiveness
Syn: sharp-sightedness, on the qui vive
Syn: Alexander

Webster's 1913 Dictionary:
n.1.The quality of being alert or on the alert; briskness; nimbleness; activity.

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