grat·ify [gratify gratifies gratified gratifying] BrE [ˈɡrætɪfaɪ]
NAmE [ˈɡrætɪfaɪ]
verb (grati·fies, grati·fy·ing, grati·fied, grati·fied)
1. (formal) to please or satisfy sb
it gratifies sb to do sth It gratified him to think that it was all his work.
~ sb I was gratified by their invitation.
2. ~ sth (formal) to satisfy a wish, need, etc
He only gave his consent in order to gratify her wishes.
Derived Word: gratified
Verb forms:
Word Origin:
late Middle English (in the sense ‘make pleasing’): from French gratifier or Latin gratificari ‘give or do as a favour’, from gratus ‘pleasing, thankful’.

WordNet Dictionary:
1. make happy or satisfied
Syn: satisfy
Ant: dissatisfy (for: satisfy)
- The performance is likely to gratify Sue
2. yield (to); give satisfaction to
Syn: pander, indulge
2. affording satisfaction or pleasure
- the company was enjoyable
- found her praise gratifying
- full of happiness and pleasurable excitement
- good printing makes a book more pleasurable to read
Syn: enjoyable, pleasurable

Webster's 1913 Dictionary:
v. t.1.To please; to give pleasure to; to satisfy; to soothe; to indulge; as, to gratify the taste, the appetite, the senses, the desires, the mind, etc.
[imp. & p. p. Gratified ; p. pr. & vb. n. Gratifying .]
For who would die to gratify a foe?
2.To requite; to recompense.
It remains . . .
To gratify his noble service.

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