ilk [ilk ilks] BrE [ɪlk]
NAmE [ɪlk]
noun usually singular (sometimes disapproving)
type; kind
the world of media people and their ilk
I can't stand him, or any others of that ilk.
Word Origin:
Old English ilca ‘same’, of Germanic origin; related to alike.

WordNet Dictionary:
a kind of person
- We'll not see his like again
- I can't tolerate people of his ilk
Syn: like

Webster's 1913 Dictionary:
a.1.Same; each; every.
Of that ilk
a - denoting that a person's surname and the title of his estate are the same; as, Grant of that ilk, i.e., Grant of Grant.
a - Of the same kind.
n.1.Kind; class; sort; type; as, him and his ilk; - sometimes used to indicate disapproval when applied to people.

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