im·mune BrE [ɪˈmjuːn]
NAmE [ɪˈmjuːn]
adjective not usually before noun
1. ~ (to sth) that cannot catch or be affected by a particular disease or illness
Adults are often immune to German measles.
2. ~ (to sth) not affected by sth
You'll eventually become immune to criticism.
Few men are immune to her charms.
Our business is far from immune to economic conditions.
3. ~ (from sth) protected from sth and therefore able to avoid it
Syn: exempt
No one should be immune from prosecution.
Not even the President's wife was immune from criticism by the press.
Word Origin:
[immune] late Middle English (in the sense ‘free from (a liability)’): from Latin immunis ‘exempt from public service or charge’, from in- ‘not’ + munis ‘ready for service’. Sense 1 dates from the late 19th cent.
Example Bank:
Children are far from immune to the virus of cruelty that is latent in all human beings.
He is immune from prosecution as long as he is in office.
He seems to believe that the president is somehow immune from criticism.
Many people are immune to this disease.
She's quite immune to criticism.
The vaccination doesn't necessarily make you completely immune.

WordNet Dictionary:
a person who is immune to a particular infection
1. relating to the condition of immunity
- the immune system

Webster's 1913 Dictionary:
a.1.Exempt; protected.
2.(Med.) Protected from disease due to the action of the immune system, especially by having been inoculated against or previously exposed to a disease.
3.(Med.) Of or pertaining to the immune system or the components of the immune system.
4.Not responsive; as, immune to suggestion.
n.1.One who is immune; esp., a person who is immune from a disease by reason of previous affection with the disease or inoculation.

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