laugh·ter BrE [ˈlɑːftə(r)]
NAmE [ˈlæftər]
noun uncountable
the act or sound of laughing
to roar with laughter
tears/gales/peals/shrieks of laughter
to burst/dissolve into laughter
a house full of laughter (= with a happy atmosphere)
He gave a snort of derisive laughter.
see split your sides (laughing/with laughter) at split v.
Word Origin:
[laughter] Old English hleahtor, of Germanic origin; related to German Gelächter, also to laugh.
Example Bank:
A ripple of laughter ran round the room.
Andrea burst into cruel laughter.
Everyone dissolved into fits of laughter when they saw my haircut.
Gerry exploded into more drunken laughter.
He gave a sudden bellow of laughter.
Her infectious laughter had everyone smiling.
His suggestion was greeted with peals of laughter.
Hunter's statement drew laughter from the crowd.
I heard sounds of raucous laughter upstairs.
She was bent over with suppressed laughter.
That comment brought another round of laughter.
The joke provoked laughter from all of them.
Will was no longer able to contain his laughter.
the canned laughter of a sitcom
Everyone burst into fits of laughter.
He threw back his head and roared with laughter.
I grew up in a house full of laughter.

WordNet Dictionary:
1. the sound of laughing
Syn: laugh
2. the activity of laughing; the manifestation of joy or mirth or scorn
- he enjoyed the laughter of the crowd

Webster's 1913 Dictionary:
n.1.A movement (usually involuntary) of the muscles of the face, particularly of the lips, with a peculiar expression of the eyes, indicating merriment, satisfaction, or derision, and usually attended by a sonorous and interrupted expulsion of air from the lungs. See Laugh, v. i.
The act of laughter, which is a sweet contraction of the muscles of the face, and a pleasant agitation of the vocal organs, is not merely, or totally within the jurisdiction of ourselves.
Archly the maiden smiled, and with eyes overrunning with laughter.

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