no·tion AW [notion notions] BrE [ˈnəʊʃn]
NAmE [ˈnoʊʃn]
an idea, a belief or an understanding of sth
~ (of sth) a political system based on the notions of equality and liberty
She had only a vague notion of what might happen.
He has no notion of the difficulty of the problem.
~ (that…) I have to reject the notion that greed can be a good thing.
Word Origin:
late Middle English: from Latin notio(n-) ‘idea’, from notus ‘known’, past participle of noscere.
Example Bank:
He's got some vague notion that people will be queuing up to finance the project.
I haven't the faintest notion how to get there.
There seems to be a general notion that nothing can be done about the problem.
They have come to reject the traditional notion of womanhood.
They refused to entertain the notion.
We must dispel this notion that you can rely on the state for everything.
I had only the vaguest notion of what he was like.
Our political system is based on notions of justice and equality.
They were not familiar with the notion that women should have equal status with men.

Webster's 1913 Dictionary:
1.Mental apprehension of whatever may be known or imagined; an idea; a conception; more properly, a general or universal conception, as distinguishable or definable by marks or notæ.
What hath been generally agreed on, I content myself to assume under the notion of principles.
Few agree in their notions about these words.
That notion of hunger, cold, sound, color, thought, wish, or fear which is in the mind, is called the "idea" of hunger, cold, etc.
Notion, again, signifies either the act of apprehending, signalizing, that is, the remarking or taking note of, the various notes, marks, or characters of an object which its qualities afford, or the result of that act.
2.A sentiment; an opinion.
The extravagant notion they entertain of themselves.
A perverse will easily collects together a system of notions to justify itself in its obliquity.
3.Sense; mind.
4.An invention; an ingenious device; a knickknack; as, Yankee notions.
5.Inclination; intention; disposition; as, I have a notion to do it.
6.Miscellaneous small objects; sundries; - usually referring to articles displayed together for sale.

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