squib [squib squibs squibbed squibbing] BrE [skwɪb]
NAmE [skwɪb]
a small firework
see a damp squib at damp adj.
Word Origin:
early 16th cent.: of unknown origin; perhaps imitative of a small explosion.

Webster's 1913 Dictionary:
n.1.A little pipe, or hollow cylinder of paper, filled with powder or combustible matter, to be thrown into the air while burning, so as to burst there with a crack.
Lampoons, like squibs, may make a present blaze.
The making and selling of fireworks, and squibs . . . is punishable.
2.(Mining) A kind of slow match or safety fuse.
3.A sarcastic speech or publication; a petty lampoon; a brief, witty essay.
Who copied his squibs, and reëchoed his jokes.
4.A writer of lampoons.
The squibs are those who in the common phrase of the world are called libelers, lampooners, and pamphleteers.
5.A paltry fellow.
v. i.1.To throw squibs; to utter sarcastic or severe reflections; to contend in petty dispute; as, to squib a little in debate.
[imp. & p. p. Squibbed (skwĭbd); p. pr. & vb. n. Squibbing.]

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