Possession Exercise

Bài tập #1 về Danh từ sở hữu (Possession)

Nội dung chính

Danh từ tạo thành sở hữu – possession theo hai cách: (1) chúng trở thành tân ngữ giới từ of,, hoặc (2) chúng thêm đuôi -’s (dấu nháy đơn kèm với -s). Hãy xem những ví dụ này:

  • the roar of a lion a lion’s roar
  • the color of the book the book’s color
  • the children of Mrs. Diaz Mrs. Diaz’s children
  • the prey of the wolves the wolves’ prey

Sở hữu được sử dụng để chỉ cho ai hoặc cái gì đó thuộc về:

  • This is Ginny’s car.
  • The kittens of an alley cat have a hard life.

Tải về bài tập:

Bài tập 1. Thay đổi cụm từ sở hữu in nghiêng thành sở hữu kết thúc bằng -’s.

EXAMPLE: The color of the car is red.
The car’s color is red.

  1. The center of the storm was just north of the city.
  2. The condition of the victims was very serious.
  3. I don’t understand the behavior of my classmates.
  4. The equipment of the lab was outdated.
  5. The efforts of each man helped to make the project a success.
  6. The many illnesses of the animals were evidence of the filthy conditions.
  7. The documents of the young lawyer were very impressive.
  8. The room was filled with the scent of the roses.
  9. A hunter captured the mother of the little bear cub.
  10. We drove to the northern border of the town.