Bài tập #1 về Câu phủ định (Negation)

Nội dung chính

Bài tập 1. Viết lại mỗi câu hai lần, đầu tiên bằng cách thêm not, sau đó bằng cách rút gọn từ not.

  1. The boys were playing basketball at the park.
  2. My sister is a concert pianist.
  3. Are you well?
  4. His nephew is learning Japanese.
  5. Can they explain how this happened?
  6. The judge ordered him sent to prison.
  7. We will be traveling to Spain this summer.
  8. Does Mr. Amin have our lawnmower?
  9. My sister spends a lot of time in the library.
  10. Judith understood the situation.

Bài tập 2. Viết lại từng câu bằng cách loại bỏ phủ định. Sử dụng hình thức khẳng định thích hợp khi cần thiết.

  1. I haven’t had enough time to work on this.
  2. Mark doesn’t get to work on time.
  3. She didn’t bring her dog along.
  4. Have you never been to New York City?
  5. Lin wasn’t speaking with anyone.
  6. The children don’t cooperate with the substitute teacher.
  7. They don’t live anywhere in the city.
  8. Couldn’t the horse run faster?
  9. Marta didn’t break the window.
  10. No, I don’t like this kind of music.
  11. Chase isn’t dancing with anyone.
  12. Can’t you find anything you need?
  13. I haven’t written the proposal for them.
  14. No, she doesn’t spend her vacation with us.
  15. He got nothing interesting in the mail.

Bài tập 3. Viết các câu gốc với các từ phủ định trong ngoặc đơn.

  1. (not)
  2. (never)
  3. (no one)
  4. (not anywhere)
  5. (not anything)
  6. (none)
  7. (not ever)
  8. (neither)
  9. (nowhere)
  10. (nothing)