Bài tập #1 về So sánh hơn và So sánh nhất (Comparative and Superlative Forms)

Nội dung chính

Bài tập 1. Viết lại mỗi câu với từ in nghiêng được chuyển thành từ so sánh.

  1. This freight train is moving slowly.
  2. My young brother is a mathematician.
  3. Where is the old man you told me about?
  4. Fanny swims well, but she still cannot dive.
  5. Hunter’s cold is bad today.
  6. They have much to do before the end of the day.
  7. I think Robbie is intelligent.
  8. The new employee is careless about his work.
  9. She has many friends in the city.
  10. This project is critical to the success of the company.
  11. Clarice just can’t speak quietly.
  12. We have a big house out in the country.
  13. Do you think that kind of language is sinful?
  14. The inn is far down this road.
  15. Your friend is reckless.

Bài tập 2. Sử dụng mỗi tập hợp từ để viết một câu. Hãy so sánh bằng cách sử dụng than. (Bạn có thể sử dụng các dạng từ khác nhau liệt kê.)

EXAMPLE: Maurice/Ingrid/speak/loudly
Maurice speaks louder than Ingrid.

  1. cats/dogs/run/fast
  2. my brother/your sister/write/beautiful
  3. you/I/learn/quick
  4. Rashad/Steven/sell/many cars
  5. New York/Chicago/big
  6. Ginger/Fred/dance/well
  7. lake/sky/look/blue
  8. our team/your team/play/capable
  9. the husband/the wife/seem/jealous
  10. Mr. Espinosa/Ms. VanDam/have/little money

Bài tập 3. Viết lại từng câu với từ in nghiêng được đổi thành từ so sánh nhất.

  1. Carlos is the short boy in the last row.
  2. Paris is beautiful.
  3. The white stallion runs fast.
  4. Is Russia a large country in Europe?
  5. Is this an interesting article?
  6. They say that the CEO is rich.
  7. Smoking is bad for your health.
  8. The soprano sings softly.
  9. The vice president spoke brilliantly.
  10. Is the planet Pluto far?
  11. Larry gets up early.
  12. She is systematic about everything she does.
  13. Brian is a cute boy.

Bài tập 4. Viết lại các từ thành một câu. Tạo tính từ hoặc trạng từ ở dạng so sánh nhất và thêm bất kỳ từ nào cần thiết.

EXAMPLE: Dennis/jump/high
Dennis jumps the highest.

  1. Melanie/funny/girl/in class
  2. what/distant/planet
  3. your/handwriting/bad
  4. men/at the party/eat/much
  5. Olive/smart/all/girls/in school
  6. Mozart/compose/beautiful/music
  7. grandmother/bake/delicious/cakes
  8. pickpocket/steal/many/wallets
  9. Raj/think/this symphony/boring
  10. Janice/my/good/friend

Bài tập 5. Rewrite each sentence twice, first changing the adjective or adverb to the comparative and then to the superlative.

  1. My coffee is hot.
  2. Is this math problem difficult?
  3. I feel well today.
  4. Life in the jungle is dangerous.
  5. This village is poor.
  6. Mr. Hong always has little time.
  7. The choir sang a merry song.
  8. She wore a shabby dress.
  9. Bert has many friends.
  10. She can speak calmly about it.